Line speeds continue to increase in the data center, with application speeds up to 400 Gb/s underway in the standards. Cost-effective infrastructure is needed to provide a simple migration path to higher speeds while preserving and interconnecting with the embedded base of multimode fiber – the predominant media in data centers today. Shortwave WDM (SWDM) technology enables this by providing a four-fold increase in the amount of data transmitted per fiber. WideBand Multimode Fiber (WBMMF) is optimized to support the extended band of wavelengths that SWDM systems use – from 850 nm to 940 nm – while continuing to maintain backward compatibility with the embedded base on OM3 and OM4 fibers.

This White Paper from CommScope covers all aspects of these technologies, including application drivers, multiplexing technology, parallel fiber transmission, the cabling evolution roadmap and industry standards, and the role that the SWDM Alliance is playing to advance these technologies. Download White Paper.