Over the next decade, edge computing will reshape the data center landscape due to the rapid growth in the number of IP-connected mobile and machine-to-machine devices, which will handle significant amounts of IP traffic. Tomorrow’s consumers will demand better online experiences and faster, smoother Wi-Fi service and application delivery from online providers.

Unfortunately, today’s IP networks are not set up to handle the high-speed data transmissions that tomorrow’s connected devices will require. In a traditional IP architecture, data must often travel hundreds of miles over a network between end users or devices and cloud resources. This results in latency, or slow inefficient delivery of time sensitive data.

Siemon’s Why Edge? Why Now? white paper explores the solution to reducing latency and the benefits from edge data centers, including fifth generation (5G) networks, Internet of things and Industrial Internet of things devices, autonomous vehicles, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data analytics, and video streaming and surveillance.