2020 was to be the year of Edge; the global pandemic has determined a shift in that outcome. COVID-19 has limited the adoption of Edge solutions and the trajectory of deployments. Further, remote work has caused us all to rethink our Edge strategies, Edge solutions are now less defined by physical locations and more enabled through network services.

Recent developments in the fiber transceiver roadmap enable higher speed/lower latency and resilient edge computing hardware. This webinar will also cover the relevancy of lower cost multimode optics solutions as a “go-to” technology for edge compute ‘pods’ that deploy leaf-spine type fabrics and 50G+ switch to server interconnect.

Join Robert Reid and Mark Dehmlow from Panduit to hear in greater detail what Edge now looks like and how physical infrastructure solutions enable the new Edge paradigm.

Attendees will earn one BICSI CEC. Register here.