For high-speed multimode fiber based optical networks operating at 10/40/100Gb/s today and 200-400 Gb/s in the near future, it is more critical than ever for network operators and designers to have an accurate knowledge of performance specifications of the active and passive fiber optic components use to make up the network.  During this session, we will cover the importance of fiber, distribution hardware and pathways selection and how these can affect signal integrity for networks operating at high gigabit data rates.

To achieve successful migration to 40 or 100-200-400 Gb, it is important to consider the fiber/transceiver options and cost implications (particularly the cost of managing high volumes of fiber cable on distribution frames and in pathways). We will show the advantages of a high-performance MM fiber coupled with BiDi transceivers as a cost effective migration option that proves very practical in minimizing fiber distribution element ‘sprawl’ and assuring that cable pathways are manageable.

Participants watching the live webinar will receive 1 BICSI CEC. Viewers of the on-demand webinar will need to answer a knowledge-based quiz before receiving their CEC. Register here.