Globally, data center networks are evolving rapidly to deliver capacity as quickly and efficiently as possible. With 400G, 800G and soon 1.6T switch ports using 100G or 200G lanes, Hyperscale and Cloud providers continue to raise the bar to enhance their customer’s online experience. Critical to that mission is the ability of data centers to scale to meet demands cost-effectively while reducing or maintaining transaction times. These large providers accelerate standards’ development and their needs drive related eco-systems to develop and adapt. Data rates are increasing as are fibers per port. Networks are flattening to improve responsiveness and redundancy. Is the timing right to jump from duplex to parallel applications?

This webinar, presented by Ken Hall of CommScope on August 25th, will highlight catalysts and trends impacting network evolution along with efficiencies that are rapidly developing to improve the data center footprint. From ASICs within the switch through fiber cabling and connectivity innovations, changes that enable and provide benefits not easily achievable through legacy options will be reviewed.

Attendees will receive one BICSI CEC.

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