Fiber technicians are constantly challenged to keep up with new, innovative technologies that can disrupt normal long-standing test and certification practices. Whether you are an installation contractor, an IT manager, or somewhere in between, understanding the key concepts and practices of any new technology (such as MPO) is critical to keeping pace with industry needs and driving business forward.

One of the fastest growing trends in fiber networks is the use of MPO connectivity. In a recent survey by VIAVI Solutions of more than 200 people who either design or install networks with MPO connectors, 40% are already doing more than 10 projects per year with MPO connectivity. The growth projections are even higher, with most people expecting their work with MPO to grow by more than 20% in the next three years. If you are a network designer or a field technician, this should be a clear indication that the future of your business will rely significantly on your ability to work with MPO connectivity.

To help you best prepare for this opportunity, here are 5 key things to get you started on your MPO training. Read More.