While anyone who installs, tests and certifies a network cabling plant knows the importance of meeting standards performance parameters and ensuring application support, even the best of us can make mistakes that can adversely impact the bottom line and customer satisfaction. The following is a quick list of ten dumb things smart people do when testing network cabling systems. This article, from Fluke Networks, address the following common mistakes that people make:

  1. Fail to specify the type of link testing wanted. 
  2. Neglect to agree upon marginal test results upfront in writing. 
  3. Fail to specify all test parameters to be tested.
  4. “Wing it” on Alien Crosstalk compliance
  5. Forget to enable plot data.
  6. Go with a non-EF compliant tester for testing multimode fiber.
  7. Choose the two-cord reference for Tier 1 optical loss testing.
  8. Use patch cords to certify a fiber cabling system.
  9. Rely on a duplex tester for certifying MPO trunks.
  10. Skip out on proper fiber inspection.